Renewable Energy



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Advantages Wind Power


The mains of  different areas on the earth are quite different. 

For Island, the mains is not available or in a poor condition. How to power these sites is a serious problem.

Fortunately, solar and wind power are relatively good in island areas.


Advantages Solar PV




Recommend Energy Solution



For a hybrid (solar + wind + Micro Hydro) solution,

the ratio of energy provided by solar is adjustable according to actual demand and the rest energy is provided by wind turbine.

The surplus energy storage in Micro Hydro for night use


Energy Source



Water, oil, coal, wind and atom are the most common energy sources that we can use for power site.

Based on the real condition of a site, solution of these sources can be combined. This improves power reliability.


Advantages Micro Hydro



Recommend Energy Solution





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