At present the biggest harm caused to environmental pollution,

is neither industrial pollution nor life urban garbage pollution. but agricultural organic waste pollution.

A lot of straw, vines, diseased plants, weeds and other organic residues and wastes bring a lot of rotten, smelly, the breeding of mosquitoes,

the disease matter, on air, causing serious water pollution, as farmland ecological environment is one major point source pollution .


Organic Garbage Disposal and Fertilizer Produce



Fermentation organic waste conversion systems are studied abroad in organic waste treatment technology research and development,

commercialization utilization, industrial development based on advanced technology, around the "environmentally friendly, efficient, recycling,

low-carbon," the overall goal of research and development .


First, the classification of organic waste pretreatment, a reasonable ratio, adding self-development of high-temperature enzymes

and meals, etc., through automatic rapid fermentation equipment, fully pasteurized after fermentation, decomposition, deodorization, sterilization,

purification and concentrated, and the material from the feeding to the whole process of just 24 hours, can reduce 30-70% of the volume of waste

to produce color, odor, nutrients are good quality organic fertilizer and nutrition organic matrix.

Organic fertilizer are beneficial flora in the active state, applied into the soil can continue to have a beneficial biological effects.


Produce Process 1


Produce Process 2


Produce Process 3


Produce Process 4


Produce Process 5